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We are in need of participants for 

online jury research sessions.

Use this form to let us know you are interested and available to participate in a jury research session. 

Participants in these jury research projects will be sent payment through Venmo or as an Amazon eGift Card for participation in the online session, along with a pre-session technology access confirmation and completion of a post-session survey. 

Participation instructions will be shared with those selected. You must have access to an Internet-connected computer or device, with microphone and camera access enabled and be able to participate live during the entire session. You will be required to keep details of the case confidential and will not be able to discuss the case with others.

We will contact selected participants in advance of each session to answer questions, confirm your access to appropriate technology to participate, and share instructions for joining the actual session. We will not be sharing your information with others or using it for any other purpose.

I would like to participate in an online jury research project 
Race/Ethnicity (you may make more than one selection)
Dates of Availability (please only select dates for which you are available for the entire timeframe)
Education Level
Please select any of the following you identify with politically
Eligibility to participate, please confirm each of the following:

Thanks for your interest in participating! We will contact you if we have a potential opening for you in this session.

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